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The straight platinum ring is decorated with 3 pieces of small diamonds, and the 18K yellow gold line is a pattern, making it a design that can be matched by both men and women.
If you stack these two rings together, it will look like a thick ring, so it is recommended to change the finger to attach according to the purpose or share it with a couple.

Manufactured in Yamanashi prefecture, which has the largest production of jewelry in Japan, craftsmen make it by hand from scratch.

Materials: Platinum950 + K18 yellow gold
Blended metal: PT950 (PT 95% palladium 3% ruthenium2%) ,K18YG (gold 75% silver 15% copper 10%)
Jewel: 1.0mm Diamond 3 pieces
Width: 3.25mm
Size: 3.5~12(US)

Q How much is the shipping cost?

free shipping across the country.

Q Within how many business days (after how many business days) will the product be shipped?

Standard shipping: Within 2-3 days after order (Delivery will take longer for parts of Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands and islands.)
Scheduled delivery at the time of order production sales: Within 2 to 3 weeks from order

Q Is it possible to specify the delivery date and time?

I'm sorry. Since it is not possible to specify the delivery date and time, please contact Yamato Transport after shipping the product.

Q Can I specify a shipping company?

We will ship by Yamato Transport.

Q Do you ship overseas?

Yes. We will ship by DHL.

Q What payment methods do you support?

American Express, Apple pay, Google pay, JCB, MasterCard, Shopify pay, Visa payment methods are available.

Q Can I change my payment method?

Payment method cannot be changed.

Q Within how many days after the item arrives can I receive a return/exchange?

The return period for products purchased from ELGIR is 8 days from the date of purchase.
For hygienic reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges except for initial defects.
Please note that items that have been resized or used cannot be returned.

Q Do you accept cancellations?

Cancellation is possible within 48 hours after payment

Q Do you issue receipts?

Yes. It is enclosed when the product is shipped. (The address is created with the purchaser's name, so please contact us if you want to change it to another address.)

Q Can I order ring sizes in 0.5 increments?

You can also purchase in 0.5 increments.
If you wish, please round up the size and let us know your desired ring size via email or official LINE. (Example: 15.5) If you would like to purchase a No. 16 ring, please contact us after purchasing the No. 16 ring.)

Q Can I have the ring engraved? Also, does it cost anything?

Please rest assured that engraving on rings is free of charge.

Q Is there a limit on the number of characters for engraving?

There is no particular limit, but if there are too many characters, the engraving will become too small, so 10 characters or less is ideal.

Q I don't know my ring size, what should I do?

We will send you a ring sizer to measure your own ring size. If you wish, please let us know via chat or official LINE (*For customers who have purchased the product after that, there is no need to return the ring sizer)

Shipping by Japan post or DHL
delivery costs paid separately

Japan post
Shiping Schedule:Normally within 5 weeks from your order. (Delivery may be delayed due to production delay. In that case, we will inform you of the delivery schedule by e-mail)

Shiping Schedule:Normally within 3~4 weeks from your order. (Delivery may be delayed due to production delay. In that case, we will inform you of the delivery schedule by e-mail)
We accept American Express, Apple pay, Google pay, JCB, MasterCard, Shopify pay and Visa payment methods.
The return period for products purchased at ELGIR is 8 days from the date of purchase.
Due to hygiene reasons, we only accept returns or exchanges for initial defects.
Please note that we cannot accept returns for size-adjusted or used items.


Woman in 20s
I googled [metal allergy ring] and found this ring. I’m allergic to metal but I’m relieved that I don’t get itchy at all with this ring. It’s good that they disclose all the materials they use for their rings. I’m really satisfied with this cute design. The width and thickness of the ring is just right and it fits me very well. I contacted ELGIR to change the size after purchasing, and they responded promptly and my request was handled smoothly. I now use it every day.


Man in 20s
I googled [men’s simple ring] and found this one. I was checking out because the fact that they were unisex rings caught my eyes. I am glad to see that the design looks good on a man too and that they have large sizes. I bought the size 15. I’m wearing it for my pinky. The box for the ring is also really cool. This should be good as present too.


Woman in 50s
I found the ring very upscale made of platinum and gold, but the price was reasonable. I am very happy with the design, not too flashy and easy to wear for work. I bought a size 5 to use as pinky ring. I wanted to know when I would receive the ring because it was a pre-order. I was assured when they notified me of the expected shipping date. I received it in about three weeks.




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